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Restored Renewed Fellowship


2022-11-26 21:49:29




Server for Discord

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༺═────Restored Renewed Fellowship™️────═༺

Are you looking for a server where you can have fellowship and learn more about Christianity? Then this is the right server for you.Non-Christians interested in learning about Christianity are also welcome!

We are a small Christian community with big hearts and strong faith!


So what can you find on this server?

» Growing closer to God together

» Bible studies

» Movie nights

» Prayer requests

» Support and advice

» Gameplay everyday!

» VC channel for talks

» Theology talks

» Fun, and useful bots

» Sharing hobbies

» Giveaways!

» Anime

» Automod for a secure environment!

and many more



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2024-01-30 02:23:32Ammon

Love to learn about god and bible sudies

2023-04-22 20:18:11Ben

Joining wont work.