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FSS🌴Mental Health Resources Hub


2023-01-25 17:54:12




Server for Discord

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─────── Mental Health Resources Hub, proudly affiliated with NordVPN and Psych2Go!

We offer plenty of fun and support for everyone and so many ways to vent and share!

⚓Check below for more of what we offer in our server.


.. 24/7 help whenever you need it!

.. Various international resources/emergency text + call hotlines.

.. Oceancore Aesthetic !

.. System, LGBTQIA+, AgeRe, etc. safe with private chats for those groups!

.. Daily, weekly, + monthly events! QOTD, Game Nights, Riddles, Contests, Positivity quotes, and more!

.. Weekly Newspaper for a positive news source!

.. 24/7 Radio! DJs and Text to Request included!

.. Over 30+ bots to use!


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