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The idiots


2023-03-17 03:30:21




Server for Discord

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Hi there! We are a chill group looking for new members! Heres is what we offer!
[*Hangout spot
*Fun bots
*Music streams
*Safe space
*We have an 18+ chat for thoes who want adult convos
*18+ VC]
This is just a few perks. Hope to see you join babies


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2023-05-26 01:28:45How to join ♡

Hello! For some reason this app wont let you join my server, so for those wanting to join add me, and let me know! Devil✧#6998

2023-03-25 02:08:19quinn

it wont let me join

2023-03-22 11:37:30Xai

Is this server still going?