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2024-07-10 07:04:29




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Welcome To the [ ]( (not the mishima one‍♂️)
We have all types of people
>*A SFW COMMUNITY * (definitely some crackheads and stuff)
>COMMUNISTS(no illegal activities happenin here fr )
>Gamers(obviously gamers which server wont have them?)
>anime fans(mmm yes the cultured wise mens)
and jams XD(aladdin joke )
this is an sfw communist country and we do give hounourable seats for memes uploaders
the rules are simple and if not followed actions will be taken by the team‍♂️
(we dont work that much)
games can also be conducted with players from here via the respective channels and gaming VC and i can also host some of em time to time⏰
and we have mudae,owo,dankmemer,casino bot and mudae arean ,etc for havin fun when ur bored![.](
words from the leader : <@931784186296152075>@marx_the_1and0nly
server :


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