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The Final Frontier of Magic


2022-04-19 18:37:42




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Hi there welcome to The Final Frontier of Magic!!!

Long ago when the world was empty, the gods took it upon themselves to shape it. Civilizations formed and great beings arose, however not all gods saw mortals as a great creation and vowed to destroy the world using the power that created the gods. With the void and hell trying to destroy the world the gods made hero’s to Banish the dark, but this also would force themselves into the heavens in order to maintain this worlds order. Dark forces have not given up and with a foothold in the World through one of its kingdoms it now is planning to take over the world to unleash the dark gods once more.

Will you take the side of order?

Will you side with chaos?

In this daring tale you're the master of your own story... Will you achieve kingship and lead your own country,or will you become a crusader of chaos and sow the seeds of strife in the lands. Here there are many roles and races to play and just as many monsters that you can def


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