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Indian History Community


2022-05-09 23:18:30




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( Indian History Community written in Brahmi )

Hello there, Namaskaram, Sat Sri Akal, Vanakkam, Aadab, Khurumjari, Chibai/Ekhai

Welcome to the IHC, also known as the Indian History Community!

Our community explores the neglected parts of Indian history in-depth; like military, arts-n-architecture, culture, religious history, anthropology, or paleontology! We have enthusiasts from all over India who are enthusiastic about different subjects, eras, and topics. So so if you have questions, or just want to discuss a new topic - this is the place you're looking for. :)

We are an apolitical server and do not want politics in history as it ruins the subject. We're academic but we value exploration, research, and new perspectives. We encourage hospitality that India is known for - so everybody , desi or not, is welcome here.

We provide an archive which has many educational ebooks and resources that may keep you busy.


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